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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Guest Essayist - A Nine Year Old on Dragons

This is my last blog in my dragon/ serpent people series. This is an essay written a few years ago by my nine year old. He did research and drew diagrams, but since the source was mostly Wikipedia and the diagrams weren't terribly clear I won't include them. I am including this essay here to demonstrate how deeply rooted dragons are embedded into the imagination of humans. He was so excited to try to "prove" that dragons could be real, it was the easiest writing assignment to get him to complete up to that point. [Hint to teachers : kids have am easier time writing if they are excited about their subject matter.]


Dragons could be real. You could take a mix of real modern day animals and one extinct animal, the Quetzalcoatlus, to create a dragon. You may be thinking, “How do they breath fire?” Well, the Bombardier Beetle releases an acid. If a bug can do it, so can a dragon. Only the dragon would release an oil and light it like this, instead of acid. Take a crocodile’s scales and arms stick them on a Quetzalcoatlus and give it the Bombardier beetle’s ability to release an acid. The scales would weigh it down. So like a bird, the dragon's bones would be hollow. And those things together makes a dragon.

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