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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mission Statement

This is the first anniversary of my first blog post. I want to share the mission statement I've been working on for myself as an author, teacher and blogger. This will get its own page a little later, but for now I want to make it accessible and easy to find.       

  K.C.Trae Becker

Self Proclaimed Ambassador for Trees and Forest Communities; Purveyor of Forest Related Myths

In an increasingly fractured world, I propose healing and growth for individuals, communities and the world, by exploring and  communicating the connection between the human psyche and nature, especially trees and forests.


This deep bond is rooted in the power of plants as fellow coworkers for healing and growth.

By digging into the soil of the effects of primeval nature on humans found in art, poetry, myth, legend, folklore, superstition, history and science, and by exploring botanical parallels with human struggles, I  will gather wisdom about this profound relationship.

The stories, articles and blog posts I write and teach about trees, nature and kids will reflect this collected wisdom.

Further still, since trees and plants, found in the beginning mythologies of most religions, demonstrate common ground among religions and common morality among people groups, I seek to reintegrate charitable religion into the conversations of life in society, promoting healing and growth of respect for all peoples and religions, our planet and ourselves.

Please let me know if this mission statement interests you or turns you away?

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