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Thursday, September 18, 2014

9/18 - Part 2 – Analysis, Conclusions, Surmised Profiles and Goals

The users of this blog have a clear preference for the mythology research.
Also popular are reviews of movies and some of my book reviews, but these are not uniformly popular. It seems to me that the book reviews where I use my characters to review the books are the most popular, but I can't be sure if the added interest I provide with my characters or if those books themselves are more interesting.

The data from analytics is inconclusive except that material about mythology is generally well liked.

Surmised Profiles:
(I can guess at some of the people I suspect are using my blogs, but lack of feedback undermines my confident in these profiles' accuracy.)
1. Fantasy Writers – I share many of my posts to a Google community for Fantasy Writers
2. Fantasy Readers – I share to Google communities for mythology and fairies and to a fairy Face Book page
3. Friends and Relatives – This is the source of most of my comments feedback
4. Parents (kids) – The book and movie recommendation are popular and I don't share them
5. Fans of my writing – I haven't published enough fiction to have many fans yet but want to
6. Fans of my art – Not the focus of the blog but may need more emphasis

Do you fit into one of these profiles? Which one(s)? Did I miss you in my profile? Can you tell me why you visit my blog?

Ads, Give Aways and Freebee Reading Excerpts
I have decided to avoid gimmicks such are contests and drawings for prizes to increase users' feedback. I'm not sure how I feel about these methods other than they feel gimmicky, almost like bribes. And that doesn't feel authentic, despite its apparent effectiveness. What do you think about giveaways and drawings?

I've also decided to forgo ads, since that too feel inauthentic and like I'm using my blog users to get additional revenue when I'm already hoping to get readers of my blog and my someday-published books. Do you think I'm being too judgmental about an ad system that obviously works for many people?

I also need to get more information about the publishing industry's rules for published material. It's my current understanding that they consider any material published to the web in any form as previously published and therefore less desirable for their notice unless it has a strong proven track record. Since I am still undecided on the self publishing issue I have to be careful what I publish in this blog or elsewhere. I will do more research on this topic. The nice people over at Mythic Scribes might be very helpful at answering this complex question.

Plans for meeting the desires of my presumed user profiles –
  1. Fantasy Writers – Continue series on Mythological Humanoids; short quip writing advice
  2. Fantasy Readers – Continue series on Mythological Humanoids; link to other sites about mythology; Review sites about Mythology, call for recommended myths to research
  3. Friends and relations – updates on my writing progress
  4. Parents (kids) – Children's/ Young Adult book and or movie reviews
  5. Fans of my writing – Continue series on Mythological Humanoids; updates on my writing progress, excerpts and freebee samples, clarify my platform
  6. Fans of my pictures – Features photo; learn how to use photo shop, explore magical realism
  1. Attract potential readers for my books when they come out.
  2. Attract Users for my blog.
  3. Encourage feedback from my users.
  4. Improve my writing style and technique. Ask more questions to encourage more dialogue. Include more links. Write about more relevant stuff for teens: Fandoms are popular if my teens are any indication.
    [Speaking of which, Whovians - Peter Capaldi as the new doctor will be a big shift. Yes,
    he's old, but man does he have a lot of energy! I think he's more in line with the first 8 Doctors than #9 thru 11, but will they lose their huge new fan base if they lose the pretty faced young Doctor look? I guess we'll see.]
  5. Plans for New Sections (serialize):
  • Blurb at the beginning of blog with my platform/theme for my niche in the community
  • weekly: writing advice blurb, summary of questions and recommended links
  • monthly:
  • Side bar: survey, personal writing updates: synopses, proposed covers and sneak peaks
  • End of Blog items: Featured Picture, Weekly items
  • Monthly Topic Rotation:
  • Book/Movie Review - Children's/Young Adult
  • Social Media/Website Review – mythology, writing, Children/YA Book Authors
  • Mythology Summary - mythological humanoid and related seasonal mythology
  • Current Event related to Nature or Science especially trees
  • Yearly review

I'll start the implementation of my plans now with a summary of questions [actually started this a few posts ago] and recommended links:

Questions Summary:
  1. Do you fit into one of the profiles I guessed at? If so, which one(s)?
  2. Did I miss you in my profile guesses? Can you tell me why you visit my blog?
  3. What do you think about giveaways and drawings?
  4. Do you think I'm being too judgmental about an ad system that obviously works for many people?
  5. Will Doctor Who lose the fans if they lose the pretty-faced young Doctor look? Or will Peter Capaldi carry them through the transition back from eye candy to smart television?

This is where I'd put the Featured Picture


Chris F said...

My profiles, from strongest fit to least: 3 - enjoy seeing you develop as a writer. 5- well, I guess having a friendship with you makes it fun to read your stuff but I have been without new material from you far too long! 4 - as a parent I am interested in the book reviews because I find it so hard to choose (suggest?) books for my kids.

I would not be excited about giveaways but it seems like something that might help attract readers. I hate ads. Dr. Who who? Oh yeah, that's one of those things called tv shows. Dont watch those anymore.

KC Trae Becker said...

Thanks Chris for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

I'm still undecided about traditional versus self publishing. If I self publish there will definitely be samples of my work on this blog, but publishers can be particular about things posted anywhere. One reason I am considering traditional publishing is that I thought the picture books I am working on would need a traditional publisher. I recently learned, though, that picture books can be self published as ebooks too. That has been something I'll need to mull over. Hopefully I'll come to a decision soon.

You don't watch Dr. Who? I can respect that, but it's a ton of fun; much faster paced and deeper story lines than the 1980's stuff, if you watched back then.