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Monday, February 17, 2014

Movie Review - G - Lego Movie

Yes, it is a giant marketing tool. Yes, it is does draw a crowd of soda swilling, popcorn spilling, chatter boxes. Yes, it does make many juvenile jokes that keep the kids tittering for long minutes after the adult laughter has subsided.

But, it was better than I had expected. There are fortunately better jokes, too. I don't appreciate the cheap cameos paid to my favorite genres of Lego themes, but I'm a purist among Lego aficionados. Lego's hallmark of irreverence is par for the course . My fav's are not exempt.

I found myself actually interested in some of the themes in the movie and pleased with what I consider the ultimate message. I recommend this movie for those who love Legos. Just try to take with you a healthy dose of tolerance for messy, noisy kids. Remember, a little chaos is, also, par for the course of childhood, parenting and of course, Legos.

DIY Doctor Who Lego Photo Gallery

While I'm at it, here's some Doctor Who Lego characters my son and I created.

 For Doctor Who Fans, see how many you can name.


(I apologize ahead of time for some of our choices. Our selection of faces and hair pieces was limited by our current collection.)

Here's a bigger on the inside version of the TARDIS.

We had a lot of fun. I have more pic's for anybody who's interested, but pictures take a while to load so I'll see if anyone is interested before I take the time.

What kind of fun things do you or your family make with Legos?

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