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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Muse

I have a new muse, a baby dragon, that's only just hatched a little while ago. It's green and doesn't know how to fly, yet.

In fact, its wings are still quite small. But even just hatched, it is the size of a large dog. It speaks when it is in the mood and has many wise things to say. It says I need help with my antagonists. It promises that it can help me. [How does it know so much since it is so young?] [Where is its mother?] What is the whole offspring rearing model for dragons, now that I think about it?

I don't know its name either. But it's right on the tip of my tongue. [Or is that a stick insect?]

Oh, it just said its name is, Gremflit, and that means “green flyer.” And Gremflit says it's a...he's a boy dragon. How does he know his name and what his name means? [Where is his mother?] [This could get very dangerous!] Baby dragons are cute and everything, but are they safe? I mean, even if Gremflit is relatively safe for now, what about if his relatives show up. [This muse is making me nervous.]

Gremflit says, “Nervous authors are good for antagonists.”

Yeah... great...

Well, Gremflit was very effective. He told me his name one day and that night I must have dreamed something because I woke up and most of the pieces of my antagonist’s plans fell into place. That plan is much further reaching than I had anticipated.

The end of my series is looking good. Thanks, Gremflit.

Gremflit says, “You're welcome. When is my first scene in the story?”

Um... are you in this story? [Oh! Boy! I'm in trouble.]
Have any of you, the readers, ever had your characters do unpredictable things in your stories? I'd love to hear about it!

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