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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Red Maple
I love Fall. It's my favorite time of the year. I used to wonder when I was a kid, if it was because I have a fall birthday. But the older I get the more I realize, it has never had anything to do with birthdays. Autumn is just the best time of the year (for me).

 Winter's snow and ice are stunningly beautiful.

 Summer's relaxation and butterflies are superb.

 Spring's flowers are amazing and so refreshing after the long wait through the ice and dark

But a nice day in Autumn is the most beautiful of all seasons.

The colors of the trees are surreal.

 A maple in full color with the sun shining through the leaves just sends tingles up and down my spine.

The reds, yellows and oranges that glow in an unearthly way on a damp day make me feel so alive.

 But the season always reaches it's pinnacle for me when I rake leaves for the first time of the year. The whisper, crinkle and crunch of the leaves is one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard.

It's like the sound of the ocean's waves at my command.

Colorful, crisp, Autumn leaves always inspire me.

Here's some pieces of fall poetry I've written:

The Old Apple Tree
By K.C. Trae Becker ‘12

The dark, straggly apple tree stood,
in a neat, cheery neighborhood.
Bearing wormy fruit,
it was an ugly brute.
A man planned to cut it for wood.

The tree in its healthy youth,
had given abundant good fruit.
Bright red apples
with small white dapples,
were never left to lie at its root.

The man’s boy sat in the moss,
contemplating death and loss,
Down came a squirrel,
who stole fruit with a twirl,
then scolded him sounding quite cross.

The boy, suddenly festive and jolly,
saw immediately the way of this folly.
Please, Dad, don’t kill it for wood.
Around it, instead, we should,
Plant a melancholy garden with holly.”

Furry Little People
By K.C. Trae Becker ‘10

Dogwood, Holly, Briar rose,
cats, dogs and people are my foes.
But I always escape, that’s how it goes,
Dogwood, Holly, Briar rose.

Hawthorn, Bitternut, Black Cherry,
I sneak upon you with hungry glee.
I take your food and away I flee,
Hawthorn, Bitternut, Black Cherry.

Pin Oak, Pine, Apple tree,
a fluff of tail is all you’ll see.
Fast as you can, you can’t catch me,
Pin Oak, Pine, Apple tree.

Willow, Sycamore, Hickory,
safe on a branch, is where I’ll be,
I laugh at you. Chee. Chee. Chee.
Willow, Sycamore, Hickory.

                                                                                      What is your favorite season and why?


Beth said...

Lovely photos, KC. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, as well. Taking a walk with the crackling of leaves underneath my feet is an audible treat while the vibrant outbreak of color is pure eye candy gobbled up all too quickly by sister winter.

We're so lucky to live in this part of the country where we can witness such a beautiful show every year.
So glad to have found your blog!

KC Trae Becker said...

Thank you, Beth, for sharing. I couldn't agree more about how lucky we are to live where we get such a gorgeous show every year. I'm so glad that you found my blog, too.