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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Finding a First Topic

Crickets chirping
I wrote this second post to go with the first whimsical explanation to myself. It's fun and light hearted. But more importantly, it leads to my first topic.
   Finding my First Topic
          “Okay. Here we go... This is me following my muses... I need a topic for my first entry. Muses,
     any suggestions?”

Wind blowing Asha's leaves
                     “Asha, are you trying to tell me something? Man, I wish I could speak tree!”


          “Running Deer Woman, you're running this show, aren't you? By the way, please tell me that's 
     not how you got your name.” Nervous chuckle. “Right?”


           I swallow audibly.

          “I need something... What about Elusive Giggling Fairy, do you have something you want to

          “You're not funny, EGF. (Pause,) Okay... we're off to a roaring good start. These muses are
      easy to follow. Not!”

          “What? Who was that? Who said acorns?” I look around. “It must have been you, Running
     Deer Woman, because Asha doesn't use human speech and EGF mostly just giggles. Come to
     think of it though, it could have been any of you. Maybe Asha or EFG can talk. Maybe they are
     just jerking my chain and pretending not to be able to talk. Hmmm... And all of you are interested
     in acorns... Native Americans used acorns as a food source. Trees grow acorns. Some fairies wear
     acorn caps as hats and use them as cups or plates.”

          “Okay, acorns it is... For my next topic, I need to do some research into the
                                              MYTHOLOGY OF ACORNS.”

I know, pretty A-corny. But really, I like acorns. They are easily found and kids love them. I'd like to find out more about them. It's important as writers, teachers and artists to see the beauty that is often overlooked and help people see the world as a better place because of it.

What often overlooked thing in your life is beautiful and just waiting for you to take a few moments to acknowledge it to make your life more reflective? Please share. I'd love to hear about them.


Chris said...

This helped me appreciate the hundreds, maybe thousands, of acorns my 4-year-old daughter brings home from preschool in her pockets. Up until now, I viewed it as an annoying act of hoarding. Your last 2 paragraphs instantly helped me see the beauty in what my daughter has been doing with nature: She's been enjoying it. Acorns are unique but easy to find and transport. Perfect for a kid. Also, we are listening to a CD of Dragon of the Red Dawn by Mary Pope Osborne. The protagonists decide that one "secret of happiness" is focusing on the simple things in nature. So maybe that primed my mind for your revelation.

KC Trae Becker said...

Thanks Chris, for commenting. I love feed back. I remember the days of piles of acorns and rocks. We still have some of those treasures. I remember Magic Tree House books, too. That Annie is a cutie. I enjoyed reading about her feeling her way through life. Mary Pope Osborn does a nice job with that character.